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07 January 2017

Another Year, Another Caption Competition

It may be a new year, but some things never change. We're delighted to offer you yet another opportunity to provide a daft/inspired/wacky (delete as appropriate) caption to the following image from one of the British Library's medieval manuscripts. You can share your ideas with us via Twitter (@BLMedieval) or using the comments box below this post: we'll publish our favourites in a few days. So it's time to put your thinking caps on: good luck!

Harley ms 3244, f. 41v

British Library Harley MS 3244, f. 41v (England, 13th century)


"No, Charlie, the instructions were 'Find an axe and a shield' not 'Find an asp in a field'!"

Roger, I told you to not get attached to our dinner.

But Steve! Look at his cute lil face!

Stop petting it! Get back here!

Look out - he's behind you!

"You'll go blind" is a modern folk memory of harsh medieval punishments if one was caught "shaking the snake"

Hands off my asp!

One day in the kycene Ramsay:
"Forfukensooth take thou thine pestilant lizard hence for it hath no place in mine pottage, and darkeneth not my door again."

He's my friend -- you can't chop him up for stew.

Can we share? I know a good plastic surgeon

"OK Twinney, you won't get far, the scribe has fenced us in"

"He calls them 'tools'. They'll never catch on – stick with reptiles for your weekend DIY."

Didn't I tell you not to bring a snake to a dragon fight?

What d'you mean, the Boss isn't happy? The girl was hungry, I gave her an apple - is it such a big deal?

Is that a python in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

Idiot, can't you see it's a harmless grass snake?

Beware those adverts for Indulgences - the Devil is in the detail

Snake: "WAIT! We can't STOP HERE! This is SATYR COUNTRY!"

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