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12 February 2017

It's Caption Competition Time

We recently announced the complete digitisation of an idiosyncratic, Middle Dutch natural encyclopedia and bestiary (that's a phrase we don't use very often). Given the range of vivid expressions and charming details in the images in this manuscript, we could not resist using it for one of our semi-regular caption competitions. So, put your thinking caps on: what might the two fellows pictured below be up to? Let us know in the comment section or on Twitter! We'll tweet and publish your best (and, occasionally, worst) suggestions!

Add MS 11390 caption

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I got it from the library. It's free. You should try!

"I'll never get used to taking a picture with an iPad"

I told you to use the litter tray

'No, I'm not interested in smoother skin or fresher breath.'

"In ancient times Dragons were a learned man's best friend!"

It's the original script for "How to Train your Dragon"

Hold on, big boy, I've got your flea medicine, but I have to work out the dosage for you.

Brother Geofrey,confined and alone for several years for breaking his order's vow of silence,has completed his groundbreaking manual "The Teeching of Obeedience to Thy Dragon". Released from his cell he came upon the monastery's guard dragon Gudrun who, being averse to being taught new tricks( or any discipline for that matter) sought shelter beneath the herbalist's comfrey patch. Records of the encounter's results have been lost to history,alas.

I know it's raining, but I've told you, you're too big for a litter tray, you have to go out

"Now do be reasonable, Fluffy. It says right here on the prescription, two pills a day."

"Honestly Drag, do I look like St George"?

Get up, get up! You know this is your first Oxford Dragon School day!

"So you can either have the sweet and sour chicken with noodles or brown rice...which is it?"

Look! you are due for your worming tablet

Thou hast loaded my laptop with dragon porn!

Look, it says right here that the best thing for a twisted back is the rack.

Could I interest you in a subscription to the Watchtower?

St Cuthbert about to learn the phrase 'let sleeping dogs lie' also applies to dragons.

and it says here that your no claims bonus is protected even if you accidentally burn down the monastery

Taming the dragon with words from the bible...

Does sir want his princess rare?

Now listen here, I don't care how much you fidget and growl, you are not going outside to play until you finish this reading lesson.

Get the latest Watchtower Magazine and learn how you can save your soul.

"I know it's tough but these new Brexit rules mean you'll be banished."

But I don't want to hear a story about St. George & the Dragon!

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