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12 February 2017

It's Caption Competition Time

We recently announced the complete digitisation of an idiosyncratic, Middle Dutch natural encyclopedia and bestiary (that's a phrase we don't use very often). Given the range of vivid expressions and charming details in the images in this manuscript, we could not resist using it for one of our semi-regular caption competitions. So, put your thinking caps on: what might the two fellows pictured below be up to? Let us know in the comment section or on Twitter! We'll tweet and publish your best (and, occasionally, worst) suggestions!

Add MS 11390 caption

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''I'm telling you, the How to Remove Tail from Ear instructions are on page 5! OF COURSE there's a page 5!"

Try again – writing is’nt that intricate …

You said that last time, and I came home with a bucket on my head and BITS MISSING!

More people watched your UNPRESIDENTED defeat of St. George than any other knight/dragon fight in history. LYING MONKS & their manuscripts are nothing but FAKE NEWS!


Oh, great! Being Dutch, I will look at the wole manuscript soon.
What are they up to? Hmm, dragon looks scared. Reading the text (Dutch :) it says indeed that the dragon covers his ears, putting the tip of his tail in his ear.

Dear dragon wouldst thou want to see illuminations from my travels last summer?

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