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19 April 2017

Another day, another caption competition

We know, it's been weeks since we asked you to put on your thinking caps, to come up with witty responses to our dastardly caption competition. But today we can put you out of your misery/make all your dreams come true/drive you to desperation [delete as appropriate].

What's going on in this 16th-century Italian manuscript? We'd love you to share your captions with us via the comments button at the foot of this blogpost or via our Twitter feed (we are @BLMedieval, if you didn't already know). There are no prizes, save for the glory of having your name put up in lights outside the British Library (okay, we made that up). We will publish the best suggestions here and by retweeting those that most tickle our fancy. So go on, give it a try!

And if you're stuck for ideas, please head to our Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts, where you can see other images from the herbal in question, Add MS 22332 (it is special).

Add MS 22332


"Hey, Jack, watch it or he'll have your beans!"

That's the bird, Myrtle. That's the bird that stole our Ned. Put a curse on it like you did me when we married.

Darn, my finger gun is out of bullets.

Here, birdy, birdy, birdy. Pay no attention to the three iron your soiled target is holding.

Is it a it a, it's SuperEagle

(Children gathering poisonous herbs for witch's brew) Look. a carrier pigeon. Now we can get a message back to the wicked witch and tell her we need an oxcart.

"It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a ...hellibore!"

Look, I've just drawn a cloud.

See the EasyJet flight from Malaga is on time again.

Where have you been, my lord?

Jolly good, another dollop of guano and we'll get to heaven yet!

Look, the dragons are TINY in this country!

The eagle flies on Friday: leave that plant alone!

Thy hawk sees the root of the problem.

Can you see if he really is carrying the antidote to that shrinking potion?

That's the birdy who recommended we try Miracle Gro, damn it !

The distracted caddies fail to notice the giant camo land squid creeping stealthily up behind them.

Well, Jim, I'd guess all of the bird's radio controls are hidden in that flesh-colored glove, right?

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