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09 July 2017

It's Caption Competition Time!

There are many ideal ways to spend a sunny summer weekend. One is to visit the beach, another to watch the cricket at Lord's or the Wimbledon tennis (quaint British customs), a third is to set fire to the garden with your annual barbecue. But perhaps the most fiendish of all sunshine pursuits is to attempt to come up with a witty answer for our world famous (our words) caption competition.

So please put your thinking hats on and tell us what is going on in this picture. A quick clue: the image is taken from the Splendor Solis,a  famous alchemical manuscript made in Germany in 1582 (Harley MS 3469). The manuscript in question is currently on display in Berlin (until 23 July). But what exactly is going on here? Answers via Twitter please or through the comments page below this post. We'll retweet and publish the best (and most amusing) answers.



An angel tries to warn an alchemist of the dangers of his activities while in the foreground a pretty peeved off monkey tries to warn a stag of the dangers of planting his hoof on said monkey's tail.

Madam, Your coat.

Looks like Deadpool has been doing some time travelling.

Not realizing that it contains moisture, the WWOTW is tricked by prankster Glinda into taking a mud bath to repair her water damaged skin..

When asked why she took up nude mud-wrestling, Angel always answered truthfully, "The Devil made me do it." But, she also liked the way it squirted and squished between her toes and enjoyed showing off what everyone agreed was a perfectly shaped bum, flawless skin, a nice rack and Teflon wings that never gooped up.

July is festival month, so always make sure you have an extra layer to put on in the mud

Here, let me give you this towel so you can avoid further shrinkage in the cold.

"Not the red towel! the blue one, I told you to bring the blue one!"

I told you to use the carbolic soap!

Is this yours?

Bring out the Gimp.

But the Gimp's sleeping.

Well, I guess you're gonna have to go wake him up now, won't you?

Resurrected. But, not the transformation she had hoped.

folio 18r: showing the mystical rebirth of a swamp man, who is being helped out of the water by an angel.

Oh my.
Quite the tripod aren't you?

And that was the last Frog-Prince-of-Darkness she ever kissed.

Mrs. Cannibal, "George, I think you can get out of the hot spring. You're done."

I don't care if the stag did give you fleas, you're not coming in in those clothes

The first use of "Drain the Swamp!"

Angel: You seem quite familiar with stains. I was wondering if you might be able to get this spot out.

Monkey (to deer): So I sez to Joey, "Joey," I sez, "there's a stool pigeon in the organization, and he's listening to every word we say."

You call this clean?

Unexpected friends; an angel gives the Creature from the Black Lagoon a towel to dry off.

I see that Willy Wonka's factory has been polluting the river again ...

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