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05 August 2017

Guess the song competition!

Here at the British Library we are dedicated to coming up with silly entertaining highly educational competitions to entertain our readers, and today is no different! The rules are simple: can you guess the song from the images below?

The following manuscript illuminations make up the lyrics to a classic song, and we want you to get on your thinking caps (and dancing shoes) to guess the artist and song title. Answers via Twitter please or through the comments page below this post. We’ll retweet and publish correct (or the most amusing) answers.

Update: thank you to everyone who took part: the answers are below (no peaking).


Image 1

Image 1, from John Lydgate’s Troy Book and Siege of Thebes, 1457–c. 1530, Royal MS 18 D II, f. 30v


Image 2

Image 2, from the Coldingham Breviary, c. 1270-1280, Harley MS 4664, f. 125v


Image 3

Image 3, from the Chroniques of Jean Froissart (the ‘Harley Froissart’), c. 1470–1472, Harley MS 4380, f. 1r


Image 4

Image 4, from a devotional miscellany, first half of the 14th century, Egerton MS 745, f. 68v


Did you have fun figuring out the answer to our guess-the-song competition? Find the solution below, well done everyone for taking part and stay tuned to our Blog for more quizzes!

Image 1 Lyric: That big wheel keep on turning

Image 2 Lyric: Proud Mary

Image 3 Lyric: Keep on burning

Image 4 Lyric: Rolling, rolling, rolling on the river

Song and Artist: Proud Mary, by Creedence Clearwater Revival / Ike & Tina Turner


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Proud Mary by John C. Fogerty

Proud Mary (Big wheel keep on turning, Proud Mary keep on burning, rollin, rollin, rollin down the river.). Ike and Tina Turner

Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear, one step, two steps, tickly under there !

"Big Wheel Keep on Turning....

"Proud Mary...

"Keep on Burning"

"Rolling, rolling, rolling on a river"...

(Tina Turner et al.) "Proud Mary"

Proud Mary - Creedence Clearwater Revival

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