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09 September 2017

Guess the Song 4

It’s that time again to put your best moves and suggestions forward for our Guess the Song Competition!

Simply guess the name of the popular song and the artist from the clues provided by these medieval manuscripts. There are no prizes, just feel the rhythm and send us your answers via Twitter or using the comments field below this post. Good luck!


Update 11 September: Put your hands up if you got it, answer below!


Image 1
Image 1, from the Queen Mary Psalter, c1310-1320,
Royal MS 2 B VII, f. 229r

Image 2
Image 2, from Roman de la Rose, c1340-1350,
Royal MS 20 A XVII, f. 9r

Image 3
Image 3, from Omne Bonum, c1360-1375,
Royal MS 6 E VI/2, f. 553r

Image 4
Image 4, from a physician’s folding almanac, 1st half of the 15th century,
Sloane MS 2250, f. 12r

Image 5
Image 5, from the Dunois Hours, c1439-1450,
Yates Thompson MS 3, f. 201v


  1. A choir of virgins singing before St Dunstan of Canterbury = All the single ladies
  2. Love’s dance (‘la karole damours’) with ten figures dancing to drum and bagpipes = Now put your hands up, Up in the club
  3. Donacio propter nupcias (bridal gift) = If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it
  4. Zodiac Man with the signs of the zodiac illustrated on the body parts under their rule = A man on my hips
  5. Soul rising to angels from a corpse, as demon attempts to snatch it = Like a ghost, I’ll be gone

= Beyoncé, All the Single Ladies


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