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15 October 2017

Another day, another caption competition

Regular readers of this Blog may recall that we sometimes throw caution to the wind, and test their imagination with one of our fiendish caption competitions. Today is no exception. Here is an image from the famous Queen Mary Psalter (Royal MS 2 B VII, f. 81r): but what exactly is going on?

There are no prizes, but we'd like you to send us your wittiest captions, using the comment form at the bottom of this post or contacting us on Twitter via @BLMedieval. We'll publish and retweet the best responses: good luck!



Concentrated acid for blood? Fantastic defence mechanism, you don't dare kill it.

When your father says there's no way you can keep the puppy you brought home

We've been at this for hours...let's just move house!

Where's Sinbad when you need him?

"Feed the baby crabs on steroids", you said. "What can possibly go wrong", you said.

And you thought modern day dust mites were hard to get rid of??

Ugh. The neighbors have got crabs AGAIN.

No! Don't steal my snake-tailed cheliped decapod, it's the only one!

Whoever gets the bigger part can make a wish!

And this one, Sir, is our Premier Model Super Dreamcatcher!

Pre-robot Medieval vacuuming system. Would later serve as the prototype for the "Roomba".

What 16th century men said would happen to foolish little girls who learned to read.

we don't know what it is, but, battered and fried, it tastes just like chicken.

It was only this big when we caught it three days ago.

Sometimes all eight legs are off the ground at one time when it really gets to scuttering, held aloft by the difference in airflow speeds under and over the aerodynamic carapace, while directional change when airborne is effected by varying the angle of the dangle of the tail.

This week's intermediate class winner on Battle-Bods.

If you tickle it right here, it will whistle "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling", but don't touch it there or you'll get nipped and stung.

Whoa! You really meant it when you said you had crabs.

So, this is what has been eating holes through the Psalter's pages! Does the Centre for Conservation know about this yet??

He always wins at twister....

Do you want it with chips or rice?

"No ... don't call Orkin," you said. "It's too expensive," you said. "It's not worth the money," you said ...

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