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10 August 2019

Summer caption competition

We hope you're all having a lovely summer, wherever you are. If you're in the mood to unwind and relax, why not take part in our (semi-)regular caption competition? This image is taken from the sensational Silos Apocalypse (Add MS 11695, f. 170r), dating from the turn of the 11th/12th century. You can view it in full and for free online here.

What is going on in this picture? There are no prizes, but you can send your suggestions as a comment at the foot of this post, or by Twitter to @BLMedieval. We always love readibg the witty ideas you come up with!



Servant: where are your arms?
Black Knight: It’s just a flesh wound.

Sir Arngervelt explaining to her Majesty Queen Hertherumpe the consequences of riding her horse through the long gallery wherein are hung many of the newly hung low chandeliers!

This is as far as you go Missy!

I don't care what you think. This is not Rudolf and you are not a Christmas tree ornament.

Don't laugh. I receive 642 free satellite channels on it and it cooks a whole chicken in just three minutes.

I found it atop an old gas pump and had to have it to wear with this dress.

I knew when I saw it in the used crown store window that I already had just the gown to go with it.

Medieval Burger King and his horse, Whopper, arriving at the abattoir just before the first BK restaurant opened in York in 1142.

Early Follies Bergère dancer arriving at the theater for work.

My lady, use your arms before thou fallest!!

Stableboy! I said a set of long reins of better leather, not a strong Aynsley butter cutter!

"Well sire, this shouldn't be a revelation, but w/a crown that big no wonder you're having a pain in the neck! Don't blame it on the poor!

What do you mean he won't move until I lose the hat, what's wrong with it? These are all the rage back home!

"May i say your Majesty that Ms Gertude Shilling has surpassed herself this year?"

If it thinks we aren't looking perhaps it will stick its head in the noose

Marie Antoinette, before.

She's rather poor, what Texans call all hat, no cattle.

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