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20 June 2021

Caption competition June 2021

It's time to let the creative juices to flow. We'd love you to come up with a witty caption for this image from one of our medieval manuscripts. You can either make your suggestion using the comments box below or play along via Twitter (we are @BLMedieval). No prizes, just the kudos of showing off your wit in front of thousands of our readers!

A medieval manuscript illumination, showing a lady seated and holding a sword, with her son before her and armed men standing behind her

A miniature of Semiramis seated, with a sword, and her son, Ninus, before her, with armed men behind her: Royal MS 20 C V, f. 8v


Me and whose army? Me and this army will make you do your homework

It is called cross-dressing my son

'Listen, kiddo: when I said' bath-time', I meant it, see.'

Ma, before you kill me I suggest you pull down the blinds.

"Hold still while I finish your bowl cut."

"You must hold it like this and yell, 'By the power of Greyskull!'"

"You're embarrassed that your mother has been asked to appear in a Grimes video?"

If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand times, there’s no swimming in the moat!

I’m sorry my dear but you were told the consequences if you failed to fold the towels properly.

is this the 1st or 2nd jab?

My child, the sword is mightier than the Medieval Manuscripts blog caption competition.

Mum, I promise i can explain

I told you that towel rail was too high.

Careful Mum, you'll have somebody's eye out with that!

Now, I warned you what would happen if you didn’t bring the washing in

I really do see your point, Mom. I'll lose the dress if you'll stop calling me Ninus the Ninny. Can I keep the stiletto heels?

I'm sorry your highness but I merely said the Dyson hand dryer is more hygenic!

'My manchette brings all the boys to the yard,'

There's no point in carrying your sword in the footbath Mum, those blokes are going to stab you in the back anyway

Just a little off on the side, please.

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