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14 August 2021

Caption competition August 2021

Periodically we ask our lovely readers (that's you) to come up with a witty caption for an illustration in one of our manuscripts.

This month we have selected a page from a 13th-century copy of the Histoire ancienne jusqu'à César (Add MS 15268, f. 242v). So what exactly is going on here?

Send your suggestions to us via Twitter (@BLMedieval) or using the comments box below. We'll publish the best. It's that simple.


An illustration in a medieval manuscript, showing the city of Rome with a two-headed statue on a plinth and people feasting


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These all-you-can-eat buffets are a lot better since we took our masks off

Well one you you ordered this skinny caramel late and the rest ordered water, where's the wine from from


Ok, I hired the new young sculptor that you suggested but ... I am not sure about the two headed statue.

"Please, Sir, I want some more..."

So, anyone know when the ladies will be here? I sure could use some Morris dancing to work up an appetite.

Some party. Three fish, two apples and a couple of flasks of mead. Methinks someone has stinted on the refreshments budget.

Only three fish? I hope there will be no fighting over who gets the heads!

I'd like Janus better if he wasn't always posing and trying to be the center of attention.

I don't mean to be picky, but the fish on left smells a bit off, and the wine is a touch too vinegary.

At Caesar's Palace, Cuthert went all in, putting every fish he had on red.

I'll go to the end of the queue for more if the bain-marie is working!

Who the hell is Obi-Wan?

1. Saturday Night Fish Fry,

2. Back off bro, there are five guys, three fishes, and I got a shank

3. The Great Polycephaly Debate of 1247 (in which the panel vigorously argued whether the fish on the menu had been mutated by an excess of henbane in the local water as the human population had as memorialized in the sculpture to the left)

Yes, he may look holy, but I happen to know that he has half a dozen bangers hidden under his cloak

In the middle of the quarrel about who must sample the wine, Guillaume managed to nick one of the three fishes.

"Okay, who had the prime rib?"

Sire? Compliments of your guest from Area 51.

Two Heads are better than none!

Typical! They call it Celebrity Masterchef and I’ve never heard of any of them.

Christ, I wish he would stop his bantering and just take his drink off me, I can't hold this position much longer.

Man in blue says: I told you I was vegan.

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