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23 August 2021

Follow up: Important information for email subscribers

We want to acknowledge the response to our blogpost on the 19 August, in which we announced that the email notifications for the blog will be ending shortly, owing to changes made by the third-party platform. Many thanks to everyone who got in touch to let us know their views about this change. We really value hearing from you. It is heartening to know how many people appreciate getting our blog notifications in their inbox and we understand that other ways of finding out about blogposts aren't always as convenient or relevant for you.

We also want to assure you that we are actively looking into this issue and working to implement a solution which will continue your email notifications, however we do not know whether you will continue to receive notifications about new posts before we are able to implement this. But we promise to update the blog with further information as soon as we have it. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we resolve this.

Detail of an illuminated initial 'E', with scrolls of foliage and intertwining beasts
Detail of an illuminated initial 'E', from a Psalter (Paris, around 1220s): Add MS 47674, f. 46v

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I am so pleased you are working on this issue as I love reading the blog! Thank you.

I started an announcement group at Google for my blog.

This is very bad news; I do hope you can find a way round it. What are we meant to do instead?

Thank you for trying to find a solution for this problem! For many of us, losing the email alerts would be tantamount to losing contact with the blog.

Thank you! I enjoy these so much, and would miss them if the notices disappeared.

Appreciate your efforts! Please keep us posted! :)

Thank you for trying!

Your email nudge has often prompted my sharing an interesting blog article with others (individually or via Twitter and Fb). Thank you!

"A family library is a breeding-place of character." Graham Greene

It's a bit of a bind but I set an extra tab on my browser page for the BL blogs page and click it to see if there is anything new from the Med.Man. Blogs page. If there is the link will be shown

Thank you so much for working on a solution. 👏🏻

Thank you for trying to find a solution

This is good news indeed. I hope a reasonable and workable solution can be found quickly.

I am proud in your works of how Mss sciences for every field of studies as a documents to our culture, identity, and tradition of writind system of our forefathers...! So we hope to you motivating in the area of fields as soon as possible.

I really love reading your blogs, for a v e r y long time! Please find an e-mail solution, because I am not on twitter or facebook. Thank you, and keep the blogs coming!

Thanks for trying!

E mail notifications is for me the best way to follow your WONDERFUL blog.

best wishes

Thank you for looking for a solution...losing the immediacy of the blogs is going to be a big loss for me! You've been a lifeline for me for over ten years, introduced me to so much and and given me the opportunity to introduce MSS to people who never knew their fascination..

Delighted to hear you are trying to solve this issue.

Thank you for trying hard to find a way to inform us of new posts. Without the reminder by email I won't be able to keep up with your excellent blog

Thanks so much for working on a solution! I really enjoy the blogs and would miss them if they go away. Being of the “boomer” generation, I’m not sure how deft I would be in finding the blog another way.

I hope this can be resolved. I look forward to the emails SO much -- facts to learn, designs to incorporate into tattoos. History and culture in so many levels. Fingers crossed.

Email, email, yes yes yes!

Does this comments field work?

Rather late in the game. Just to add I RELY ON EMAIL advice.
Not sure how even to contact the blogs without it.
I hope you solve the matter to help,folk like me! Meanwhile if we must, email how to look out for new blogs.

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