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19 August 2021

Important information for email subscribers

Unfortunately, the third-party platform that the British Library uses for email notifications for our Blogs is making changes to its infrastructure. This means that, from mid-August 2021, we anticipate that email notifications will no longer be sent to subscribers.

To find out when new blogposts are published, we also recommend following us on Twitter (@BLMedieval) or checking this page on the British Library website where all our Blogs are listed.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope you will continue to keep up with the latest stories on the Medieval Manuscripts Blog.


Miniature of the evangelist Luke depicted as a scribe, with his evangelist symbol, the bull, in the Grimbald Gospels (Christ Church Canterbury, early 11th century): Add MS 34890, f. 73v


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I join with all the others in greatly regretting the loss to me of this uplifting and wonderful resource. I have never and will never Twit.

Please find an alternative way to connect with all of us loyal fans!

Twitter! Never. I will greatly miss receiving your posts. Most libraries value their public relations, so I am surprised that your leadership is willfully discarding such a large number of its following,. I will find the time to search out your blog now and again, but you will be lost in the flood of all the other sources available on line. Why have you chosen to abandon your peerless reach for a vast anonymous sea?

Regret we will no longer have this access to the fascinating research happening at the BL. Please reconsider this decision

What a shame! I rely on these emails for alerts to newly digitized material, which I would probably miss on Twitter. Is there not another way to make sure every post reaches subscribers who aren't always on social media?

I am very disappointed to learn that I will no longer receive updates via email about your excellent blog. Twitter? No thanks. Check your website every day in case? I suspect it will just be one of those things I always mean to do. Goodbye, Manuscripts blog, it was nice knowing you while you still bothered to remind me you were there......

The immediate reaction to this change shows how valued the Manuscripts Blog is to us all, and for those of us who don't use Twitter it's a disaster. I really don't think that access to the blog should be handed over to a commercial outfit like Twitter, even though it will still be possible to read the Blog--by a much more cumbersome process.

Oh no! This is really sad for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed your website posts, and will miss the engagement with such a great site.
However, I WILL NOT use Twitter, ever, so unless you can come up with some other solution, I will say good bye.

Oh no! This is terrible news. I don't use twitter and this is just a marvellous way of keeping me engaged. Please change your decision.

I have loved your emails. I stop what I'm doing, here in the Pacific Northwest, click on them, read the whole post, and sometimes save them or share them. I've learned about your shows from your emails, and on occasion, have ordered thick book catalogs about those exhibitions, or attended an online viewing or interview - all because you sent me an email about them. I don't use Twitter - it's endless noise. Despite good intentions to visit, I know my habits. I don't stop what I'm doing and visit a website, unless I'm prompted by an interesting email. I'll miss you, and everything I've learned and shared from you. An email newsletter or page makes all the difference for follow up actions.

Oh how sad. Such fascinating info coming onto my computer will be so missed. My large group of elderly students will be distraught.

Why don't you use a service like MailChimp, MailerLite or Convertkit, and simply email each time a new post is released? I believe the whole process can also be automated using Zapier!

You might consider the email service Phil Gyford is now using for the Pepys Diary. It requires subscribing but seems quite reliable once that's done.

I love these posts and always check them when they come in. I won’t be setting up a Twitter account just for them, so I am saddened that I will have to go ‘hunting’ for the posts. In reality, this probably means I won’t. It was always delightful to click and get straight to the article - a bright spot among all the drudge emails.

I have really enjoyed these posts and learned a lot from them. Sadly, like others, I don’t follow Twitter and so am unlikely to read this blog again. Such a shame.

This is simply awful. Twitter? I will not touch Twitter with the proverbial barge-pole. I cannot understand how BL can be so cavalier in dealing with its subscribers.

I am very sorry to hear this. I do not use Twitter and, like others, may not remember to check the blog in future.

I went to type a comment and found very many people making all of the comments that I would about this sad situation, my unlikeliness to ever see it again, and my loathing of Twitter.

I'd missed this development until your January 23rd email referenced it. I'm not a fan of Twitter and have no account anyhow, so that's out. I surely hope you find an alternate, as your blog updates are a favorite.

I am so disappointed. The emails were inspiring and entertaining, exp. the added captions of clever readers. I do hope you will find a means to continue in the future. It is a great loss to lovers of medieval manuscripts.
Marion USA

Sorry, especially the clever captions.

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