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24 August 2009

Society of Archivists Conference

After a break in posting last month, the EAP blog will be quiet for another two weeks. Next week I'm taking some leave and then I'll be attending the UK Society of Archivists' Conference. I'm looking forward to the holiday and to the Conference which should be particularly relevant to the EAP. The Conference title is: "Fast Forward: preservation and access in a digital world".

Preserving the material we receive is a big responsibility; providing access to it is a joy. The EAP has already accumulated a large number of digital files and microfilms. The data, stories, information and memories contained within these files and rolls of film are a treasure. They need only be accessed and researched to fulfil one of the original aims of the Programme, that of making the material available for use by scholars worldwide.

The dual focus of the conference is thus welcomed. I'm eager to be brought up-to-date on new theory and approaches to these ever-present digital challenges.


Good Heavens - I just need to send greetings from a very small, non-endangered archives in Victoria, Australia.


Linda Barraclough

Hi Linda. What a coincidence. I'm also from Australia (from Qld). Your blog is very interesting - what great things you have in your collection.

It's getting scary. I have distant family in Qld, that I have never met. I think that is the William Barraclough and Florence Reid line. Feel free to e-mail if you think there may be a connection!



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