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11 February 2010

Gopal Bhar

As I progress through the Popular Market Bengali Books one popular character appears frequently: Gopal Bhar, a legendary court jester in medieval Bengal. Famed for his wisdom and ability to outwit and outmanoeuvre his rivals, he is the star of several collections of short stories. Some of the tales recall traditional stories and some place him in modern situations. Below are some covers to his books, with an opening page for one of his stories.





05 February 2010

January Accessions 2010

Last month we received material from two EAP projects.

The project Preserving early print literature on the history of Tamilnadu is microfilming books and periodicals. It's actively seeking out libraries and private owners with collections most in need of preservation. Like many archival and library collections the contents of these vary in scope, themes and formats. Details are on their EAP Project webpage.

Normally at this point I would include an image from one of the copied books or manuscripts. Instead, below you'll see two photographs taken by the project team of libraries they're working with. These show the original materials where they live. These pictures are important to me as they provide a real-life background to the microfilm and digital copies we receive.

EAP183 MMA Library_Chennai 3 

EAP183 Cayabu Maraikayar Nulakam_Karaikkal 2 

The project Riau manuscripts: the gateway to the Malay intellectual world is copying material from private collections. The project hopes to expand the number of manuscripts available to scholars and thus allow wider research into the Malay-Muslim world. Many of the items are being copied from book sellers and antique dealers, meaning that texts not owned by public institutions will be made available for public use. Here is a page from one of these books.

EAP153 10_