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08 April 2010

March Accessions 2010

When it comes to accessioning material, each month is as busy as the last. During March we received packages from five EAP projects. Looked at in other ways, this can be measured as 1,318 DVDs and one external hard drive, or 6 terabytes, or 45 archival disc boxes, or eight shelves (almost a whole bay!).

Projects that submitted material are:

Preservation through digitisation of the endangered Armenian rare books and making them accessible on the Web (phase 1)

Preserving the archives of the United National Independence Party of Zambia

Preserving memory: documentation and digitisation of palm leaf manuscripts from northern Kerala, India

Assessment and preservation of the old Vietnamese Ecole Francaise d'Extreme Orient archive in ancient ideographic Nom script

Retrieving heritage: rare old Javanese and Old Sundanese manuscripts from West Java (stage one)



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