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3 posts from June 2010

18 June 2010

Introducing the Rudrajit Mookherjee Collection

Alongside the promotional theatre booklets, the EAP127 Archiving 'popular market' Bengali books project digitised a collection of cinema booklets held by Rudrajit Mookherjee, a private collector of cinema posters, lobby cards, record sleeves and other memorabilia. These booklets were a regular accompaniment to the release of new Bengali films. They typically give details of the plot, lyrics to songs, information about the cast and production team, and photographic stills from the film.

My next few blogs will feature some of the films that I come across. This week, here are a few pages from a booklet promoting the film garer math:





09 June 2010

International Archives Day 2010

Today is the third International Archives Day, and also marks the 62nd anniversary of the International Council on Archives. More information about the day, and the intentions of the ICA in establishing the celebration, can be found here.

Raising awareness of the importance of documentary heritage in shaping and supporting collective memory and upholding citizen's rights around the world is one of the aims of the EAP, and International Archives Day provides us with an excellent opportunity to reflect on our progress so far.

The project Digitisation of Bolivian indigenous communities' records on Allyu structure, tax and land tenure is currently in its final stages, and illustrates our aims and objectives well. The original material is held at the Archivo de La Paz and consists of volumes, maps and loose documentation. The Bolivian indigenous communities require the records as proof of community membership and land ownership and this enormous demand requires repeated handling and copying of the material, which slowly contributes to its degradation.

Creating digital copies has enabled the staff at the Archivo de La Paz to supply access copies on DVD to the 438 cantones of La Paz, increasing community access to this invaluable resource and enabling the Archive to keep the originals in storage, preventing further deterioration through use.

Here are some images taken from the collection:




04 June 2010

May Accessions 2010

During May we received digitally copied material from three projects, all of them from Asia. Here are links, with some images:

Assessment and preservation of the old Vietnamese Ecole Francaise d'Extreme Orient archive in ancient ideographic Nom script


Digitising private collections of Acehnese manuscripts located in Pidie and Aceh Besar Regencies


Preservation of historic ephemera and manuscripts from Nepal