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2 posts from December 2010

17 December 2010

Memory and Identity, Truth and Reconciliation

Last week I attended the Memory, Identity and the Archival Paradigm conference organised by the Centre for Archives and Information Studies at the University of Dundee. Speakers from a range of disciplines, countries and institutions discussed the role of archives in constructing and shaping memory and identity, and posed questions about the assumed impartial nature of records and recordkeeping.

Of particular interest to the EAP was a session titled Records and Truth: the Creation of Community and National Identities. The presentations in this session examined the importance of documentary sources to communities who have been subject to oppression. Two of the presentations focused on the role of Truth and Reconciliation Committees in recording experiences, addressing grievances and tensions, and collecting and creating material which is often used in an attempt to bring perpetrators of human rights violations to justice.

EAP032: Preserving East Timor's Endangered Archives and EAP250: Stage Two digitised a selection of the records collected and created by the Timor-Leste Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation(Portuguese acronym CAVR). The conference posed questions about the processes of truth and reconciliation, potential discrepancies between the documentary record and people's recollections, and the role of such commissions in constructing new community and national identities. Such questions should inform our approaches when engaging with these collections.

Audio tapes of research interviews conducted by the      CAVR. 

Documents damaged  in the violence of early 2006. 


03 December 2010

November Accessions

Last month we received material from the following projects:

EAP217: Digitisation of Yi archives in south dialect in Yunnan, China

This project will digitise approximately 600 volumes from public and private archive collections across Xinping, Yuangyang, Kianshui and Mengzi. The volumes represent the only available texts written in the Yi language and character, and include calendars, musical scores, histories and epics, and texts on philosophy and medicine.


zhao shui ji long jing


EAP218: The endangered archives of Sudanese trade unions (1899-2005)

EAP218 is a major project based on the feasibility study and survey produced by EAP156: Endangered archives of Sudanese trade unions (1899-2005). The records of Sudanese trade unions have been subject to deliberate and accidental destruction and neglect, and coverage in major archival institutions in Sudan is partial or non-existent. The major project will digitise materials identified during the pilot, and digital copies will be deposited with the Abdel Kareem Mirghani Cultural Centre in Sudan, the Sudanese National Records Office, and the British Library.

Petition from the Sudanese Professionals and Technicians Trade Union Federation, addressed to the Government. 2005.