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17 May 2011

April Accessions

Last month the EAP received material from three projects:

EAP212 Preserving the endangered manuscripts of the legacy of the Sultanate of Buton, South-Eastern Sulawesi province, Indonesia

This project will conduct an inventory survey of around 830 Butonese manuscripts from eight private collections held in Bau-Bau, Maligano and Kendari, which are now included in the territory of South-Eastern Sulawesi province, Indonesia. Additional collections will be sought out as part of the survey.

The Sultanate of Buton (c1342-1960) was a sovereign maritime kingdom consisting of dozens of islands, situated off the South-Eastern tip of Sulawesi. Its dynasty left behind a variety of manuscripts, now kept by the descendants of Butonese noble families. The manuscripts were written and copied between the 17th and 20th centuries, in the Arabic and Wolio languages using Jawi-Wolio script; a minority are written in Buginese and Dutch, using the respective scripts.

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EAP254 Preservation of the historical literary heritage of Tigray, Ethiopia: the library of Romanat Qeddus Mika'el

This project aims to digitise the library holdings of the Romanat Qeddus Mika'el Dabre Mehet Church in Enderta. More information can be found in our March Accessions blog.


EAP336 Preserving the lay bet andemta: the Ethiopian intellectual legacy on the verge of extinction

The EAP336 project was recently featured in our Easter blog post. The project is digitising manuscripts of biblical and patristic commentaries made according to the lay bet exegetical tradition.

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