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30 May 2012

More content online: manuscripts and colonial records from Kano, Enugu and Calabar regional archives, Nigeria

We are pleased to announce that materials from two more projects - EAP052 Rescuing Eastern Nigerian history: preserving the holdings of Enugu and Calabar regional archives and EAP087 Northern Nigeria: precolonial documents preservation scheme- are now available to view online via their respective project pages.

Both pilot projects surveyed government and private archives to increase knowledge and awareness of local archival holdings, and laid the groundwork for future conservation and digitisation work. In addition to this a selection of records were digitised, including intelligence and assessment reports compiled by District Officers in Nigeria during British colonial rule:

EAP052/1/1 Intelligence report on Obowo and Ihitte Clans, Okigewe Division, Owerri Province, by N. Mackenzie, Assistant District Officer [1930s]


EAP087 also digitised manuscript holdings at the Kano State History and Culture Bureau, which primarily consist of correspondence between Emirs, Judges and Chiefs.

EAP087/1/4 A letter from Dan-Darman Isa to Emir Kano [1923]


Full catalogues for the two projects can be found on the Library's Search Our Archives and Manuscripts pages -- search for references EAP052 and EAP087.

21 May 2012

April Accessions part 2

Continuing from our previous accession entry, we have also recently received material from the following projects:

EAP333 Collection and preserving parish records in an Andean diocese

The EAP333 project is currently digitising parish records from 19 localities within the Diocese of Huacho, Peru. The records - including baptism, marriage and burial registers, pastoral visitation papers and confraternity records - date from the late 16th to mid 20th century, and provide a wealth of information about the local population and the activities of the Church. The project will also hold workshops for local university students, providing training in archival organisation and document handling.

EAP 333 1small

EAP 333 2small
Cajatambo parish, 1774

EAP450 Manuscripts of the Sri Lankan Malays

This pilot project will survey manuscripts and printed material held by Malay communities in Sri Lanka, in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of these materials, and the associated preservation challenges. The project will make use of networks built up during previous research trips in the area, and aims to create a survey and preliminary listing of material as well as digitising representative samples.

450_Muhaj Hamin1_001

EAP506 A pilot project to survey the Buea Archives and other potential endangered archives in western Cameroon

EAP506 submitted its final material last month. This pilot project provided training in digitisation techniques to 24 junior documentation assistants from universities and archives throughout Cameroon; eleven of the assistants then participated in the EAP506 sample digitisation. Three of the assistants also received further training in archival surveying methodologies.

Digitisation in progress

A supraregional survey of public and private archives (and one museum) was carried out, and a sample of 74 colonial-era files were digitised. The survey and training lay the groundwork for further documentation and digitisation activity in Cameroon.

Mankon IMG_0973


15 May 2012

More EAP119 content online, and updated guidelines

We are pleased to announce that the final 10 newspaper titles digitised as part of the EAP119 project are now available to view online:

EAP119/1/15    Sawt al-Sha'b    1927-1935

EAP119/1/16    al-Awqat al-'Arabiyah    1935

EAP119/1/17    al-Liwa'    1935-1937

EAP119/1/18    Tasvir-i efkar    1909

EAP119/1/19    al-Muqtabas    1908-1916

EAP119/1/20    al-Qabas    1913-1934

EAP119/1/21    al-Difa'    1934-1955

EAP119/1/22    Filastin    1923-1951

EAP119/1/23    al-Aqdam    1933-1936

EAP119/1/24    Mir'at al-Sharq    1922-1936

We have also updated the film and video guidelines on our webpages.


03 May 2012

April Accessions part one

During April the EAP received material from the following projects:

EAP139 Rescuing Liberian history - preserving the photographs of Williams VS Tubman, Liberia's longest serving President

In addition to projects EAP026 and EAP027, which surveyed the Liberian Presidential and National Archives and digitised the personal papers of William Tubman, Dr Verlon Stone's team are in the process of conserving, cataloguing and digitising Tubman-era photographs, mostly produced by official government photographers.

Delegates exit a train [October 1956]

M. Brosio, Ambassador for Italy, meets Vice-President William Tolbert. Washington DC [1956-1961]

The photographs are currently being held at Indiana University where they are undergoing conservation work, and will be returned to Liberia at the end of the project. The digitised photographs are available to view at Indiana University Image Collections Online.

EAP144 The digitisation of Minangkabau's manuscript collections in Suraus

The EAP144 project digitised manuscript collections held by Surau and private collectors in Western Sumatra. 253 manuscripts were digitised in total, including works of Tasfir, Tasawuf, Fiqh, Minangkabau law, medicine and letters. The project also ran a successful event at the Faculty of Letters, Andalas University, Padang, in which 26 people from local institutions received training in manuscript preservation and digitisation techniques.


The remaining accessions will be featured next week.