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11 June 2012

International Archives Day, 2012

On Saturday, June 9, the world celebrated International Archives Day, 2012. This annual event gives archivists and archival institutions an opportunity to promote the value of archival records and the importance of the archival profession. As they did last year, the International Council on Archives (ICA) has details on activities occurring in different countries. Lectures, exhibitions and behind-the-scenes tours were organised for national and regional archives across the world. In Belgium, 15 archives opened their doors for site visits, exhibitions and some show-and-tell presentations. Public talks were held in Senegal, Morocco and Japan on the topics of accountability in archives and recovering from disasters. Bosnia and Herzegovina is hosting a whole week of planned events. Slovenia is focusing on digital heritage, with the publication of the UNESCO charter of the Preservation of Digital Heritage in Slovene. Spain marked the Galician translation of the Universial Declaration on Archives, and the Municipal Archive of the Girona City Council is organising a tribute to thank the many donors who have contributed to their collections. It is great to see so much enthusiasm and interest in archives.


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