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31 July 2012

June Accessions

Last month the EAP received digital images from Cameroon, digitised shellac discs and music scores from the Margot Loyola Fund collection in Chile, and digitised manuscripts from Djenne, Mali.

EAP054 Archiving a Cameroonian photographic studio


The EAP054 project digitised the collection of studio photographer Jacques Touselle, nearly 20,000 photographs taken over the past 30 years. Group and individual portrait photographs, identity cards and passport shots, and photographs of celebrations and festivities will enable research into changing fashions, aesthetics and social customs. The collection and its catalogue will be utilised and enhanced through an AHRC funded studentship in Photographic cultures in Mbouda, Cameroon, jointly run by the ISCA, Pitt Rivers Museum, and the British Library.



EAP359 Plan for Valparaiso's musical heritage digitisation (1870-1930): scores and 78rpm discs

The Margot Loyola Fund safeguards scores, player-piano rolls, acoustic records, magnetic tape and optical media which document Chilean musical traditions and the growth of the music publishing industry in Valparaiso during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


You can hear some sample sound recordings on the project website. The collections include folk music such as cuecas, tonadas, Mexican corridos, boleros and tango, as well as classical music in simplified form, and saloon music like habaneras, mazurkas and the waltz.



EAP488 Major project to digitise and preserve the manuscripts of Djenne, Mali

In 2009 the EAP funded a pilot project which surveyed 13 privately held collections of Arabic manuscripts in Djenne, Mali. The survey report and sample images can be viewed on the EAP269 project page. Informed by the survey results, the EAP488 major project is currently digitising manuscripts from those collections, alongside materials held at the Djenne Manuscript Library.

Photo 5
Instructions for the fabrication of a talisman to endow the bearer with intelligence. Djennepo family collection, Djenne Manuscript Library

In addition to digitisation, short courses and study days about information science and conservation are being held for manuscript owners and local heritage workers.


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