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11 February 2013

Mongolian New Year

Today is the start of Mongolian New Year, known as Tsagaan Sar – it is celebrated on the first day of the lunar year according to the Mongolian calendar.

So, it seems appropriate to do a quick EAP Blog on a Mongolian project. One of my first tasks when I became EAP Curator was to check the sample images sent in from EAP529 which is currently digitising 19th and early 20th century Buddhist manuscripts from Dambadarjaa Monastery. The history of this monastery is a fascinating one, and I recommend you have a read of the project page. This photograph is of the library which was turned into a pharmacy when the monastery was converted into a hospital and then an old people’s care home during the political repression of the 20th century.

Monastery library

This is an image from a page of one of the manuscripts being digitised.

page from a manuscript showing a seated deity



We have four EAP projects from Mongolia and I would like to wish everyone who has worked on them a very Happy New Year.

06 February 2013

Timbuktu and book culture in Africa

The BBC has kindly given EAP permission to host a clip from last week’s Night Waves aired on Radio 3. Dr Shamil Jeppie, Director of the Tombouctou Manuscripts Project; Dr Marion Wallace, Lead Curator of African Studies at the British Library; and novelist Aminatta Forna joined Anne McElvoy to discuss the libraries in Timbuktu and book culture in Africa. During their discussions, two EAP projects were mentioned.

Here is the link if you would like to listen.

01 February 2013

Postcards from the Ukrainian Steppe

This week I received some additional images from EAP164 which was a project digitising family archives from the rural society of the Ukrainian Steppe. Considering how cold and snowy it has been in London this week, it seemed appropriate to receive these DVDs. What came as a huge surprise when I checked through them was a collection of beautiful postcards with the most vivid colours. It brightened my mood during such a drab week and I thought I should share them on the EAP Blog.

Postcard of four brightly coloured tulips


Colourful postcard of lilies
Postcard of a bird of prey