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03 June 2013

New online collections – June 2013

This month we have three new online collections. The first is the digital images from project EAP298, this collection preserved ethnographic material from Peru. The project focused on the three regions of Ayacucho, Arequipa and Puno which are found to the south of Lima.

EAP298/9/2 – Image 42

These images portray the Andean culture, showing its traditions and rituals and the distinctive regional variations. The images were collected from local intellectuals, who in the absence of written literature used audio-visual equipment to help them record the customs of their own towns.

EAP298/14/3 – Image 51

The second collection up this month is EAP466, which digitised the manuscripts of the Riyadh Mosque of Lamu in Kenya. The collection consists of approximately 130 manuscripts and holds several unique copies which represent Islamic education in East Africa.

EAP466/1/7/ image 57

EAP357 is the final collection; this project identified endangered monastic collections in the Säharti and Enderta regions of Tigray in Ethiopia. The project surveyed a total of 32 sites and found substantial collections of manuscripts. The majority of the collections were of hymns, liturgical manuscripts, homilies, Psalters and scriptures. The images displayed on the EAP website represent a sample of the manuscripts surveyed.

EAP357/1/11 – image 7

Check back next month to see what else has been added!

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