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26 November 2015

EAP755: Annemarie Heinrich Photograph Collection

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on the EAP755 project, a fantastic collection of photographs by the German-born, naturalised Argentine photographer Annmarie Heinrich (1912-2005). Annemarie was well known for her portrait work, capturing glamorous shots of film and theatre stars such as Zully Moreno and Mirtha Legrand, as well as other famous Argentine personalities including Eva Perón. Her work has been widely exhibited and she is considered one of Argentina’s most admired photographers.

The photographs were digitised from the Annemarie Heinrich archive held at the Archivo Heinrich Sanguinetti, Buenos Aires. They are mostly unpublished and represent a more personal side to her photography that has been little publicised. The collection includes images of landscapes, rural life, city scenes, people, cultural practices, and abstract images. Many of the photographs are from her travels in Argentina, Latin America and Europe between the 1930s and 1950s. Annmarie treasured these images but rarely exhibited any of them as she considered the public to be more interested in her portfolio of portrait work for which she was renowned.

I’ve selected below some of the images that have caught my eye whilst working with the collection. This is just a small selection and there are many great images worth checking out on the EAP755 project webpage

A man stands by bunches of balloons that are secured to poles in the ground.EAP755/1/1/107/2 Boy with balloons

Two women in an amusement park. It looks a misty evening.EAP755/1/1/177/2 Two women in an amusement park

A truck has sugar can hoisted on to it.EAP755/1/1/108/6 Sugar refinery in Tucumán. Loading or unloading area of sugarcane in trucks

Close up of a giraffe looking directly at the camera.EAP755/1/1/35/19 Portrait of a giraffe

A woman picking grapes.EAP755/1/1/86/1 Young woman harvesting grapes in a vineyard in Mendoza, 1940s

A man stands against the whitewashed exterior wall of a building. Three boys crouch nearby.EAP755/1/1/28/51 Children with a gaucho leaning on a mud wall

Three gauchos restrain a horse, which is lying on the ground.EAP755/1/1/31/53 Gauchos restraining a horse

A man fixes a large fishing basket. It makes an attractive pattern on the ground.EAP755/1/1/12/21 Man next to a fishing basket – Mar del Plata, c 1948

A young boy holds an otter.EAP755/1/1/28/38 Boy sitting on the floor holding an otter

Group of smiling workmen having a meal on a sidewalk. One man holds a bottle of alcohol.EAP755/1/1/37/3 Group of smiling workmen having a meal on a sidewalk

Man at the top of a sailboat mast. The sail covers most of the image.EAP755/1/1/27/4 Man at the top of a sailboat mast

Robert Miles

EAP Cataloguer


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