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26 February 2013

Watch our animations: How to use our collections

The Library’s collections are full of surprises. From punk ‘zines to knitting patterns, illuminated medieval manuscripts to Russian futurist books, there’s so much to explore.

However, we know it can be a bit daunting to start using the Library, so we’ve created some new video guides to help you get started. They talk you through the process of registering and using our Reading Rooms, and also show off some of the amazing things we have in the collections.

This video follows a designer’s path through the collections, from 1920’s fashion illustrations to birdsong.


To use the Library you need a free Reader Pass. This video explains how to register for a Pass.


Creating the videos was a really fun experience; it was our first foray into animation. Working with a video agency called Aspect, we decided that the best way to show off the collections was to make them the stars of the show. Everything you see in the guides was taken from the collections – the hard part was choosing from 170 million items! Hopefully this will give you a few ideas about how you might take inspiration for your own work.

You can find out more about getting started at the Library on our website

This blog was written by Melissa Byrd, Arts & Humanities marketing manager


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