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21 February 2013

London Fashion Week at Atelier Tammam

I went to my first ever London Fashion Week show a few days ago. I don’t really think I had any expectations but Lucy Tammam of Atelier Tammam, based in London, Bloomsbury, did not disappoint.

When I arrived I was greeted by one of Lucy’s co-workers, Sarah, dressed in a lovely gold and black bespoke dress by Atelier Tammam. I was shown to my seat, where an infamous LFW goodie bag was waiting for me. As I took my seat, I looked around at the room, which was quite small and almost bare, bar three vintage style wedding dresses designed by Aterlier Tammam in a corner, a large three-paned mirror, a projector, a sideboard containing various vintage finds that have inspired Lucy and of course seated guests. Piano music was playing in the background, adding to the vintage, 1920s feel of the whole show, creating a stronger atmosphere. 

Sarah presented the collection, describing each dress as each model stepped out and walked through the room before posing in front of the mirror. A running theme throughout the collection was ethical fashion, a clearly very important aspect of fashion design to Lucy and her team. Lucy has in fact spent years researching and developing a unique supply chain in India and Nepal. They also emphasised the idea of bringing back traditional couture techniques and clothing in British fashion, something they feel has been missing in recent years. Lucy has been pioneering eco-couture in recent years and this collection was no exception.

Here are some pictures to enjoy!







Lucy has recently joined the British Library’s Innovating for Growth programme to access the support and resources to help her put her wholesale collection into production and sell to wider markets.


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