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02 July 2007

About this blog

This blog takes a fairly light-hearted look at the world of inventions and how it interacts with business, the media and patents. Designs and trade marks will get a look in as well. There will also be some more serious stuff about new, or improved, databases, especially free ones on the Web.

I've been working in the British Library since 1974, and in the patents area since 1987. My present work involves priced research for clients in patents and business databases. I've written or edited a number of books for the British Library. Some of these are for the serious researcher, such as Introduction to Patents Information (4th ed., 2002) while others are more light-hearted, such as Inventing the 20th Century (2000), Inventing the 19th Century (2001) and Inventing the American Dream (2004), the last of which reflects my growing up in the United States. I have also done much public speaking and some radio and television work to encourage interest in inventions.

Steve van Dulken, Information Expert
British Library Research Service

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