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02 July 2012

Innovating for Growth programme for London companies

The British Library is asking for applications for support by London-based companies in its Innovating for Growth programme, launched today.

Successful companies must have been trading for at least one year, with proven sales, and there must be at least two employees working in the company. The aim is to help the company develop new products, services, processes or markets.

The Progamme does this not by giving out cash, but rather by putting together for each company a package of face to face meetings and mentoring with partner organisations. A minimum of 12 hours over 3 months is involved, equivalent to £10,000 per company. For example, a product designer could look at products and make suggestions for reducing costs and increasing their saleability.

Getting someone to take a fresh look at what you're doing can be remarkably useful. It's all too easy to get stuck in a groove and not see what could be changed to enable the business to grow. In a pilot stage of the programme, we've helped companies as diverse as SquidLondon, whose umbrellas change colour when they get wet; Blueberry Hill, a cake maker; Yoomi, a sophisticated baby feed bottle maker; and PleaseCycle, who encourage people to cycle to work. Their testimonials are on the site.

The Programme is supported by the European Regional Development Fund.


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