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05 September 2012

Minesoft’s Tmquest database for US trademarks

The British search company Minesoft has introduced a free database for searching US trade marks (trademarks, US style), Tmquest.

I found this to be a delight as I have long found the official US database very awkward to use, with unsatisfactory hit lists.

Tmquest has a simple search page, with suggested wording offered as you type in the letters. With some exceptions (mainly early?) the hit lists display logos, date, the Nice Class defining product or service area, and company name. None of this is true of the official site. The results can be sorted by using a tab at the bottom of the page. 

I will certainly be using Tmquest from now on. I would, however, check the official site for additional information on any hits that looked important in my search, and in certain special circumstances to find additional hits.

Minesoft itself is well know for its search tools for patents such as the priced Patbase® database.


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