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08 November 2012

Global Entrepreneurship Week at the British Library

Next week is going to very busy for us as we have lots of activities to mark Global Enterpreneurship Week. They will be at our London site (but include webinars).

On Monday and Tuesday there is the London Business Village in our Conference Centre, where we and our partners will have stands. Anyone attending this free event will be able to learn more about what this is out there in help for business people and innovators. There will also be some special events. It's open 10 to 5 pm.

Monday night, there is Inspiring Entrepreneurs: Question Time for Entrepreneurs. This priced event should be great fun -- I will be there (I try to go to as many as I can) as it's so inspiring, besides learning what are in effect case studies as well as pointers to improving a business.

Wednesday night, I'll be there again for Innovating for Growth: the Future 50. This is about identifying fifty prospects for the future, and again should be very interesting. There should be a real buzz that evening.

We're also running six free webinars over the Wednesday to the Friday on topics such as brands, beginner's guide to intellectual property and marketing. These are listed at our list of all events, where you register for them.

So there's plenty happening next week. Hope you can make it.


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