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13 February 2013

Inspiring Science events at the British Library: science meets comedy, art...

The British Library is hosting a series of events called "Inspiring science: experiment with ideas", with the strapline "What happens when science, art, philosophy and comedy collide !"

It does exactly what it says on the tin. Which, as my modest contribution to the comedy theme, is in fact a registered trade mark for certain activities such as paints and cleaning preparations, see for example UK trade mark 2195193, for the Ronseal® brand (though in fact owned by US company Sherwin Williams).

The events are listed at the British Library's Inspiring Science webpage. They include a free exhibition of science inspired artworks between the 25 February and the 24 March, so it's worth coming in just for that.

I will  be attending the Ideas in the Bath: Serendipity, Chance and Science event on the 11 March, partly because the way inventions and discoveries (often in chemistry) come about by accident interests me, and will be one of the speed mentors at the Go Go Gadget event on the 19 March, which are always fun, explaining the basics of checking for IP rights over and over to fresh groups of people as they move from one table to another.

One event I'd love to go to but can't is Full Frontal Nerdity on the 22 March. This sounds like The Big Bang Theory meets standup, and should be an absolute hoot (I love affectionate sendups). I met Steve Mould, one of the threesome, to discuss possible material from the world of patents that he could use, and I must say it was one of the most amusing consultations I've ever had.  



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