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22 January 2018

2018 at the British Library – a peek into our plans (part I)

Hello! The Content and Community team here and it’s our job to uncover the stories of the Library and tell them to you through social media and beyond.

We’ve decided that our New Year’s resolution is to find out even more about how our collection is inspiring you and your plans for the year ahead.

To kick things off, we’ve been speaking to our colleagues around the Library to see what projects they are most looking forward to in 2018 and how they and their teams will be exploring the collection.

So hold onto your hats, folks. It looks to be a busy one…

Dr Cordelia Rogerson, Head of Collection Management South

‘In 2018 the Conservation team will be supporting an ever expanding range of items being digitised. Newspapers, papyrus, Ethiopic manuscripts to name a few.

IMG_1826Artefacts from the Punch Archive stored in Boston Spa and in a box made by Collection Care North

We look forward to welcoming more visitors to the Centre for Conservation and our events and Events and Outreach Managers, Liz Rose and Flavio Marzo, are on hand to arrange tours and special events. In 2018 we have scheduled four tours with a sign language interpreter for deaf people.

We are also expanding and developing the Collection Care team in Boston Spa to support a wider range of activities on that site including digitisation. The new Collection Care North Manager, Emily Watts is starting in January 2018.’

Shelflife pic of staffAn image of the team in the British Library Centre for Conservation

Take a look at our Collection Care blog for updates from the team.


Dr James Perkins, Research & Post-Graduate Development Manager

‘In 2018 we are looking forward to working with colleagues and partners to deliver a whole host of new collaborative research projects, training events, placements and fellowships and collaborative projects.

Staff Profiles_004 (compressed)James Perkins (top) with members of his Research & Post-Graduate Development team

We are also really excited about the Karl and Eleanor Marx exhibition in the Treasures Gallery, which will draw on the findings of a great research placement that Diana Siclovan recently supervised in the Research Development team.’

Add MS 45748  f.11Add MS 45748, f.11 is part of the ‘Karl and Eleanor Marx in the Reading Room’ exhibition

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Dr Claire Breay, Head of Ancient Medieval & Early Modern Manuscripts, Western Heritage Collections


Claire is Head of Ancient, Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts at the British Library

‘I’m looking forward to the opening of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms exhibition, bringing together treasures from the Library’s own manuscript collection with many amazing loans.’

BeowulfBeowulf spoke … (‘Beoƿulf maþelode …’): British Library Cotton MS Vitellius A XV, f. 169r – the unique manuscript of Beowulf, held in the British Library, will be displayed in autumn’s Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms exhibition.

Follow Claire and Medieval Manuscripts on Twitter for more updates, and of course, our Digitised Manuscripts blog.

And this is just for starters. From foodie updates and feminist publishing, accents to America – stay tuned for part II. Something caught your eye? Let us know what you’re looking forward to using @britishlibrary.

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