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22 March 2021

Meet the Maker: Circular&Co.

In this monthly Meet the Maker blog series we meet some of the independent creative businesses behind some of our product ranges in the British Library Shop (both online and at our St Pancras, London site). This week we meet Dan Dicker, the man behind Circular Cup, the world’s first reusable cup made from recycled single-use coffee cups.

Circular Cup2

Founded by former Dyson inventor Dan Dicker in 2003, Circular&Co. are an award-winning circular design practice perched on the north coast of Cornwall in the UK. We are proud to sell their reusable cup range, made from recycled single-use coffee cups, in the British Library Shop.

Circular Cup3

Founder and CEO, Dan, began his career as a product designer at Dyson. He created Circular&Co. with a mission to make circular products (essentially products that help reduce waste and consumption of natural resources) accessible for everyone. Their Circular Cup is the latest in a series of innovative and ground-breaking products that reuse waste and increase the value of materials that were once destined for landfill.

Our product range is unique, not just because of their innovative functional design qualities, but because we look to address how they are made, used and reused at end of their useful life.” Dan Dicker, Founder and CEO of Circular&Co.

Dan has been pioneering the Circular Design Movement for 18 years. Circular Design is based on the principle of designing out waste, keeping products and materials in use and regenerating natural systems. In Dan’s words: “nothing is truly recycled until it is reused.”

Circular Cup5

We have been selling Circular Cups in the British Library Shop since April 2019 after our buyer, Charlie Wainwright, spotted the products at a trade show.

We had been looking for a reusable cup to add to our range, and I loved the fact these ones are made from recycled disposable coffee cups.” Charlie Wainwright, British Library Buyer

The cups provide a practical opportunity for consumers to engage with the subject of waste and recycling through a familiar household item.

The painful and frustrating truth is that we are very close to running out of key global resources and the misuse of these resources has led to pollution. We passionately believe that Circular Design provides a real chance for practical change at a time when the world desperately needs solutions.” Dan Dicker

The Library recognises that its activities impact on the environment at local, regional and global levels through the resources we consume and the waste we produce. As an organisation we are committed to continuous improvements in sustainability and proud to stock such an innovative product from an independent business proactively working not only to reduce but also reuse waste.

Circular Cup4

Dan’s advice for anyone starting out with their own small business?

Creativity and resilience, with those you can achieve anything.” 

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