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26 April 2010

More from the exhibition build

There seems like an awful lot to do, but I am reliably informed that it's all going to schedule.






where might one purchase a hardcopy of the "Tea Revives the World" map? (seen here


Ditto! I'm so in love with that poster but it doesn't seem to be available anywhere...

British Library, please please please can you do a poster of it!? I'm also in love with it. I'm sure there'd be a stampede of other tea lovers loving it too...

Yes, I'd like one too, but I am afraid it's still in copyright so we are not able to do that.

Who currently handles the copyright? It's absurd copies cannot be found anywhere!

Yes! If the copyright owners were willing to license it for posters, I'm sure it would fly off the shelves... (The rest of the exhibition was also fascinating, but that map is the one I'd like on my wall!)

Ditto all of this. Someone could make a killing turning this into a poster--plus it would be perfect my kitchen!

I loved the exhibition too and that map - Tea Revives the World is the poster I'd have bought! (As would my sister and her daughter)

The statement by the Web Editor about copyright of the "Tea Revives the World Map" does not sit comfortably with the fact that the BL _already_ sells mugs with the poster printed on. If it is possible to market the mugs then surely the same must be true for copies of the map ? Please can we have copies of the poster !!

I join the clamour for the Tea Revives the World poster. I lecture on the subject of tea, and this would be a perfect addition to my material and graphics. Looking forward to hearing where we can buy a copy of this magnificent poster. Thank you

I would like a poster version of this map too. It was by far my favourite piece in an already excellent exhibition.

I just wanted to add a vote for making a re-print of the 'Tea revives the world' map. Surely whoever has the copyright would be happy to make some £££ from it?

I too want to buy a poster of tea revives the world.

Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want. Like everyone else - a copy of the Tea Revives The World poster.

+1 for a print of the poster!

I'd love a print of this too. It seems that if money is no object then you can buy a print from these people:

Although they'll charge you £180 if I'm reading their pricing strucutre correctly. Ouch!

Reading your posts I feel lucky to have what I believe is an original "Tea Revives the World" map. It was my grandfathers, I received it in the early 80's after his passing. I haven't had it out in a while as it wears a little more with each unfurling. It must measure about 4'X 2 or 3' & is printed on some type of woven material.
Dave, Sydney

I neeeeed this poster almost as much as I need tea itself!

Please, make it happen!

Please can you say where one might purchase the Tea Revives the world poster please?

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