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03 May 2010

Exhibition opens!

With much pomp and circumstance Magnificent Maps premiered on Thursday night. A large and suitably suited and booted audience listened while medievalist and map enthusiast Terry Jones spoke of his map experiences and declared the exhibition open, and there was much rejoicing.

The event passed in a blur of familiar faces and gracious thanks, and regret at the lack of sufficient time for either. Nevertheless, it was great to speak to those I had the chance to speak to, and to see everyone enjoying the maps and hospitality. Thanks to everyone who attended, and to colleagues for the marvellously streamlined organisation.Thanks also to the Chairman for reassuring people that the person photographed next to the Klencke Atlas in the exhibition book is not as diminutive as he might appear. 

The real fun began on Friday morning at 9:30, with the doors of the PACCAR gallery thrown open for the first time. It will certainly be interesting to see which of the 100 maps draws the most attention. Will it be the well-known treasures such as Mr Klencke's atlas, or the first English globes? Or will it be lesser-known gems such as Mr Bridger's 1707 estate map of Warminghurst, or the 1693 sea chart showing cod conflict off the Canada coast? 

Above: Visitors, including artist Stephen Walter, enjoy the innovative zoom feature on one of the interactive screens


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