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10 May 2010

Yet more press

In the Daily Mail, our Head of Maps Peter Barber talks about Ten of the greatest: Maps that changed the world

And in the Telegraph, Sarah Crompton gives us a personal account of her visit to the exhibition, 'At last I can see the point of maps'. Read it here

Our Press Officer tells me that we had 79 pieces on the press in April alone. I've yet to read an unfavourable review. Thanks to everyone who's been blogging and tweeting too.


We, too, loved the map exhibition. We would have loved it even more if there had not been the distracting noise of the automated commentaries. Are libraries not supposed to be quiet places, where one can concentrate?

Excellent exhibition. Regarding the Nicholas' comments on the interactive map commentaries, I enjoyed them and thought they added some depth to the content. After all it's an exhibition space within the Library, not a reading room where quiet is necessary. There's nothing wrong with a bit of atmosphere, and the lady's voice was most pleasant. I imagine including audio also helps those enjoy the content who are visually impaired. Turn it up I say!

I'm planning to blog on the exhibition, which was fascinating (have visited twice so far). How can I contact the press office aobut images etc? Can't find them anywhere on your website.

Have you tried a search on 'press' Anna? ;-)

Please see

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