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04 July 2014

Tour de British Library: the finish line

The British Library peleton has cruised nonchalantly into the British Library in Yorkshire. Rejoice now those of you who do not have to cycle home!

It is heartening to find that the mid 16th century map coped with the challenge. Tadcaster, Selby, Grantham, Much Hadham, most of the places visited are marked on the 'Anglia Figura'. The route has been taken innumerable times over many hundreds of years, not all of them quite so fast. Looking again at the red line of the cyclists' route, it appears on the one hand a desparately long way, but at the same time, given the speediness of technology and transport, quite a short distance to go.

But I would say that, because I haven't just cycled 200 miles in 25 hours over two days.