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09 September 2016

Map exhibition - the countdown begins

The appearance this morning of a vast new wall hanging in the British Library announced to everyone that the next big exhibition is on its way. Shakespeare has barded it up in St. Pancras for the past few months, but it will shortly be the turn of maps. 


Maps and the 20th Century: Drawing the Line will tell the story of how maps shaped the world during those tumultuous 100 years. The colossal global hemisphere of our exhibition poster is taken from a World War II American propaganda poster which is centered upon Berlin. It is a massive, beautiful, terrifying image which pretty much sums up what the 20th century is about. 

Another blockbuster map appeared in a story announcing the exhibition in the Evening Standard today. Come and see the great Harry Beck's London tube sketch in November. 

Over the coming days and weeks we'll be introducing a whole lot more of maps to you, ahead of the exhibition opening on 4 November. Share your map likes and stories with us using the hashtag #BLMaps, and follow us on @Britishlibrary and @BLMaps. 

Pre-book your tickets for the exhibition here!

Tom Harper