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22 January 2020

Upgrading the Georeferencer

You may have noticed some changes to the Georeferencer over the last months. An upgrade has been an essential next step for some time now and the good news is finally here! The completed new Georeferencer is now available. 


All of your old links to maps should still work and you can find further details on the home page. Do get in contact with your thoughts on the new site at I can’t promise that we can make all the suggested changes but it would be fantastic to hear your thoughts. If you are familiar with the old version, the new site should be fairly straightforward but do take a look at our new instructions if you are new to the platform or would like a refresher.

We are looking to have a full relaunch with some exciting new maps later this year but in the meantime there are still more than 8000 Flickr images to go. We do know that some of these images are not maps, this was the result of errors that our mechanical curator made when extracting the maps from the larger collection of Flickr images. We removed a lot of these erroneous images as part of the upgrade, please accept our apologies for those that remain.


Finally, I would like to say a huge thank you to all of our Georeferencers for their hard work. I hope you know that coordinates taken from the Georeferencer already feature in the British Library’s catalogue but you might not be aware of several exciting research applications for Georeferenced maps in the pipeline, the details of which I hope to share soon.

Gethin Rees