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28 September 2012

British Library Journal: 38 music articles now available online

The British Library Journal began its life in 1975, shortly after the establishment of the British Library, to continue the tradition of the British Museum Quarterly. Since 2002 the British Library Journal has been published exclusively online, with PDF downloads of articles freely available at It is a pleasure to report that scanned files of the 25 volumes of the printed journal have now been added to the website.

Music has always featured prominently in the journal, and this post provides a list of all the music-related articles that have appeared over the last 37 years. Design for a revolving reading deskThey range from discussions of medieval music theory to Adorno, from core collections including the Handel manuscripts in the Royal Music Library to more obscure names such as the organist John Watts. Contributors include several of the leading musicologists of today, and several articles by present or former members of staff.

The eBLJ continues to welcome scholarly research into the contents and history of the British Library and its collections. All articles are peer-reviewed, and the editor, Dr Barry Taylor, welcomes submissions: see

A collection of German religious songs of the mid-sixteenth century
David Paisey
Some occasional aspects of Johann Hermann Schein
David Paisey
Notes: An unknown Mendelssohn autograph
Oliver Neighbour

The Ayrton Papers: music in London, 1786-1858
Pamela Willetts
Vignettes in early nineteenth-century London editions of Mozart's operas
Alec Hyatt King
Paul Hirsch and his music library
Alec Hyatt King

The library of the Royal Philharmonic Society
Alec Hyatt King
The Elgar sketch-books
Pamela Willetts
Alban Berg and the BBC
Nick Chadwick
The Curzon collection
Oliver Neighbour
Julian Marshall and the British Museum: music collecting in the later nineteenth century
Arthur Searle

Recent acquisitions: Department of Printed Books: notable acquisitions 1964-1985: music library
Oliver Neighbour
A friend of the Clementis
C. J. Wright

Thomas Tudway and the Harleian Collection of 'Ancient' church music
William Weber

Recent acquisitions: music: a monument of the ancient music
Graham Pont

Working with Vaughan Williams: some newly discovered manuscripts
Roy Douglas

The 'Tregian' manuscripts: a study of their compilation
Ruby Reid Thompson

Alec Hyatt King (1911-1995)
P. R. Harris and O. W. Neighbour

A new English keyboard manuscript of the seventeenth century: autograph music by Draghi and Purcell
Christopher Hogwood

An early eighteenth-century manuscript of harpsichord music: William Babell and Handel's 'Vo' far guerra'
Graham Pont

A book of cantatas and arias bought in Florence, 1723
Reinhard Strohm

'The art of dancing, demonstrated by characters and figures': French and English sources for court and theatre dance, 1700-1750
Moira Goff

John Field: the 'hidden manuscripts' and other sources in the British Library
Robin Langley

From Purcell to Wardour Street: a brief account of music manuscripts from the Library of Vincent Novello now in the British Library
Chris Banks

Mátyás Seiber's collaboration in Adorno's jazz project, 1936
Nick Chadwick

Music Library: notable acquisitions 1985-1994
Malcolm Turner

The dating of Seiber/Adorno papers held by the British Library
Evelyn Wilcock

The Tyson Collection
Oliver Neighbour

A Late Renaissance Music Manuscript Unmasked
Richard Charteris

Who was Mozart's Laura? Abendempfindung and the Editors
David Paisey

A Wesleyan Musical Legacy
Graham Pont

Guy of Saint-Denis and the Compilation of Texts about Music in London, British Library, Harl. MS. 281
Constant J. Mews, Catherine Jeffreys, Leigh McKinnon, Carol Williams, and John N. Crossley

The Royal Music Library and its Handel Collection
Donald Burrows

The First British Performances of Beethoven’s ‘Choral’ Symphony: The Philharmonic Society and Sir George Smart
Arthur Searle


1793: A Song of the Natives of New South Wales
Keith Vincent Smith



Cornelius Cardew’s Music for Moving Images: Some Preliminary Observations

Clemens Gresser


A Place for Music: John Nash, Regent Street and the Philharmonic Society of London

Leanne Langley



A Donizetti Manuscript in the Zweig Collection

Christopher Scobie


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