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26 September 2018

New Digitised Music Manuscripts

Add MS 37767  - Ludwig van Beethoven, Original draft of Violin Sonata No. 8 in G major, Op. 30 No. 3 (1802)
 Original draft of the violin and pianoforte sonata in G, in score, 'da Louis van Beethoven'; originally published by the Bureau d'Arts et d'Industrie at Vienna, in 1803, as Op. 30, no. 3, and dedicated to Alexander I, Emperor of Russia. 
    Digital Version: 
Add MS 41629 - Perabo collection Vol II (1735-1872)
Johann Sebastian Bach - 1st Oboe part of the Cantata 'Herr Gott dich loben alle wir'
Franz Schubert - Fragment (bars 56 to the end) of the song 'Die Sehnsucht'
Robert Schumann - Piano arrangement of the Overture of Genoveva (op. 81) 
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 Add MS 41632  - Franz Schubert,  Mass in B op. 141 (1815)
 Mass in B (op. 141) for soloists, 4-part chorus and orchestra, with figured bass, in score, by Franz Peter Schubert. Autograph, except for the title-page with dedication to Joseph Spendou. The 'Kyrie' is dated 11 Nov. 1815 (f. 1), the 'Gloria' 6 Dec. 1815 (f. 9) with the composer's signature. First published posthumously in 1838 by Tobias Haslinger 
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 Add MS 47852 - Ludwig van Beethoven, Autograph Music (1809)
 Fragment cut from the top of one leaf, containing miscellaneous sketches.
 Lied Aus Ferne WoO 137
 Sketch of Der Liebende, WoO 139
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 Add MS 58437 - Thomas Attwood, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Exercises in theory and composition (1785-1787)
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 Add MS 64931-64942 - Joseph Haydn - The London Symphonies (1791-1795)
 Autograph full scores of Symphonies nos. 95 and 96 by Joseph Haydn, with copies of the full scores of nos. 93, 94 and 97-104; 1791, and before Aug. 1795. The copies, in two hands, were evidently made directly from the autograph scores, and so before Haydn left London on 15 Aug. 1795. The complete set belonged first to Johann Peter Salomon, then passed to his musical executor, William Ayrton, from whom it was purchased by the Philharmonic Society of London in 1847
Add MS 64931 - Vol. I. Symphony no 97 (Copy) 
Add MS 64932 - Vol. I. Symphony no 93 (Copy) 
Add MS 64933 - Vol. I. Symphony no 94 (Copy) 
Add MS 64934 - Vol. II. Symphony no 98 (Copy)
Add MS 64935 - Vol. II. Symphony no 95 (Autograph) 
Add MS 64936 Vol. II. Symphony no 96 (Autograph) 
Add MS 64937 - Vol. III. Symphony no 104 (Copy) 
Add MS 64938 - Vol. III. Symphony no 103 (Copy)
Add MS 64939 - Vol. III. Symphony no 102 (Copy)
Add MS 64940 - Vol. IV. Symphony no 99 (Copy)
Add MS 64941 - Vol. IV. Symphony no 101 (Copy) 
Add MS 64942 - Vol. IV. Symphony no 100 (Copy)


R.M.18.c.2 - George Frideric Handel, Miscellaneous collections and selections vol. II copy 
    Digital Version: