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10 July 2012



Interesting blog re invention of starting blocks by George Bresnahan of Ohio (who had 2 other sports patents) in 1927 - however there is an earlier claim by Charlie Booth of Australia who invented A starting block in 1921 at the age of 21.

Charlie Booth easily won his last 100 metres sprint at the age of 99 - he was the only entrant in the 95- 99 age group and died in 2008 at the age of 104.

I have appended a link below to a website with the full story - it mentions a non existent "world Patent" though I have not yet found a patent anywhere and in any case there may well be be differences in the way Bresnahan and Booth + other later starting block inventors) achieved the objective - a point often misunderstood by inventors.


Stuart Fox
Inventors Association of Australia -
(formerly of Leeds)


[Hello Stuart, I was aware of the Charlie Booth claim, which I nearly included, but as the story I heard was that it dated from 1929 and that he applied for a patent in 1940 (not traced, as you say, and a "world patent" still doesn't exist) I judged that the Bresnahan invention was earlier. Thanks for your contribution !
Steve van Dulken]

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