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19 August 2014

Counting Sheep: The Science of Sleep

Today we bring you another video from our Beautiful Science event series

Despite the fact that we spend a third of our lives asleep, the fundamental purpose of sleep is still poorly understood. Back in March we hosted an interactive evening event in collaboration with our friends over at UCL Neuroscience exploring the stuff that dreams are made of. Talks by Professor Russell Foster (University of Oxford) on the crucial role of our eyes in influencing sleep cycles, and from Professor Vince Walsh (UCL) on the benefits of sleep, were beautifully interspersed by a dream-inspired opera from Impropera. Audience members also explored how sleep is represented in art, took part in a myth-busting quiz about sleep, and listened to relaxing sleep sounds from the British Library’s audio collections.

If you missed it then you can now watch a highlights video here and find out more about the presenters and performers in the event programme.


Stay tuned for more videos of Beautiful Science events in the coming weeks.

Katie Howe


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