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06 February 2020


Wise Festival - Celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science
Create your own unique and colourful self-portrait using the bacteria swabbed from your cheek with Dr Chloe James and her team from the University of Salford.
Your swab will be used like a brush with paint to lay the foundations of your unique microbiome artwork on an agar plate. This invisible design will then be grown in a lab with the end result being your vibrant and multi-coloured bioselfie that will be photographed and sent to you. As you produce your work of art, you will discover how the reactions of different bacteria produce different colours when grown, and how this helps scientists to identify bacteria in the lab. You will also have a chance to prepare microscope slide stains and look at the bacterial cells that are living in your own mouth.
A picture of petri dishes with bacteria forming different shapes
Join us next time to find out more about The Truth Inside…
WISE (WOMEN IN SCIENCE EVENTS) Festival, British Library 11 February 2020
The British Library is joining in the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, celebrating and raising the voices of women in science with a one day mini festival.  Our events and talks will encourage you to laugh, sing and think.  Every few days this blog will look in more detail at the participants and their involvement with the event.