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15 February 2012

Sourcing sport


Today’s blog is more of an announcement really. In other words: we’d love you to sign up to our forthcoming sports conference called Sourcing sport: current research; British Library resources which is to be held on the 21st May 2012 in the BL Conference Centre here at St Pancras.

It was partly the prospect of the Olympic Games in London that focussed the minds of the organisers - myself and my colleague in the Arts & Humanities section of the Library, Philippa Marks. We were both aware that the BL sports collections were an absolute cornucopia of resources; not simply textual ones, but audio, visual and virtual too, and so what better year in which to showcase them than this one!

Curatorial colleagues and academic speakers will be discussing aspects of the sports collections held here as well as current research and where it’s heading. We’ll be talking about the particular items that interest us, smiling at some of the images we’ve discovered and asking what comes next in the way of collecting for the researchers of the future. It should be a learning experience for all concerned!

Full details are on our events page



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