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23 September 2008

A new authentication system for Archival Sound Recordings

On August 1 this year, the login system for Archival Sound Recordings migrated to a new authentication platform called Shibboleth.  User access to all JISC-funded digitisation portals is now regulated through Shibboleth.

Shibboleth is a secure system that allows educational institutions to more easily grant its members access to a wide range of digital resources.  To find out more about the benefits of Shibboleth, please follow this link.

Since the migration, we have received a number of inquiries from individual users and institutions who can no longer access the sound recordings on this site.  If you have a query, you can write to, and we will resolve it with you.  You may not need to contact us if you to take the following steps to see if the issue can be resolved at your end.

  1. When you click the login icon at the top right-hand of a webpage, you should be taken to a page that asks you to specify your home institution.  If this page does not appear, please contact us.
  2. If the identification page does appear, select your home institution’s name from the dropdown menu.  If your institution is not listed, please contact your institution’s Shibboleth administrator.
  3. If you can select your institution from the dropdown menu, please click the Select button.  You should see your institution’s Shibboleth login page.  If this page does not appear, please contact your institution’s Shibboleth administrator.
  4. The institutional login page will ask you for a username and password.  If you receive a not authorised message after doing this, please retype the username and password.  If the not authorised message persists, please contact your institution’s Shibboleth administrator.
  5. A successful login will take you to the requested page of Archival Sound Recordings.  However, you may still see a not authorised message.  If this message appears, please check that your institution’s name appears on the list of licensed institutions for this service.  If it does, please contact us at


Dear My colleague, I am interested in your blog and i read your posts regularly. I am librarian but i work in sound archive. because there is no Archive field in our country. I will want to write an article about the "role of archive especially audio and visual archives in broadcasting companies" and the importance of archive in broadcasting institutions. unfortunately i couldn't find any useful and good article in this subject via searching in the internet. could i ask you to introduce or send me any possible article in this subject. Thanks a lot for your help.

Please take a look at the following two links.

For an overview:

For publications on audio archiving:

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