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24 February 2009

Recording of the month

This month’s Recording of the Month prize goes to Paul Capewell, who is studying information management and librarianship at Manchester Metropolitan University. 

His favourite recording is George Martin from the Oral History of Recorded Sound

Paul says “This is a wonderful cohesion of three things I'm incredibly interested in - the British Library's sound archive, recording studios, and of course, George Martin and the Beatles.

Martin's soft voice and carefully-worded answers offer a wonderful listening experience, along with truly enlightening detail.  He’s a wonderful storyteller, and his genius and expertise just shines through. Plus the interview stretches right from the early 1950s with him recording classical music, then comedy, the Beatles, and ends with a really interesting discussion about the emerging (in 1983) technologies with digital sound recording and synthesisers.

It just shows how well sound recordings can capture the vitality and character of the speaker in a way no other medium can.”


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