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31 August 2009

Recording of the Week: ever heard a pulmonic ingressive?

Listen to the way this speaker pronounces the word aye [= yes] on the in-breath – an extremely rare feature in English, but common in Scandinavian languages.

'Recording of the Week' highlights gems from the Archival Sound Recordings website, chosen by British Library experts or recommended by listeners. This week's item was selected by Jonnie Robinson, a specialist in sociolinguistics & education at the British Library. The recording of Edward Blaire (d.o.b. 1903) was made by Clive Upton in 1974 in Patterdale, Westmorland, for the University of Leeds Survey of English Dialects


Ingressive sounds exist or have existed throughout the world in genetically unrelated languages.

For a comprehensive account of ingressive speech and phonation, see:

Eklund, Robert. 2008.
Pulmonic ingressive phonation: Diachronic and synchronic characteristics, distribution and function in animal and human sound production and in human speech.
Journal of the International Phonetic Association, vol. 38, no. 3, pp. 235–324.

More information is found on linguist Robert Eklund's homepage and the ingressive speech website

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