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04 September 2009

1000s of new tracks and images added to Archival Sound Recordings

Traditional-music-in-EnglandTraditional Music in England
Explore an additional 13,000 recordings of Traditional Music in England, including pub jams, music hall, soldiers songs and interviews with folk musicians.

Simon Seligmann Kiribati Collection Simon Seligmann Kiribati Collection
Discover the music of the Pacific island of Kiribati with traditional songs and modern folk music.

Chopin Chopin piano works Hear 1,500 interpretations by some of the greatest pianists of the early 20th century.

Early-spoken-word-recordings Early Spoken Word Recordings Collection  Listen to many additional recordings including royal recordings and others drawn from the worlds of literature and the theatre.

Playback & Recording Equipment Playback and recording equipment View 400 images of 90 different types of playback machine, from the 1893 Edison wax cylinder phonograph to the modern Sony CD player.

Media coverage includes:


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